Using 99.9% industrial grade pure carbon that is also used in space technology, this is a professional model designed for use by chefs. Under the supervision of a professional chef, this model is the realization of “this is the size and shape I wanted,” after listening to market needs over the past 2 years.

DC 001 JB

​Japan Black

Even though the bottom surface is wide, heating is even for a professional finish due to carbon graphite’s unique characteristics of having strong far-infrared and excellent heat diffusion effects. It is easy to stir fry, and using the lid for dishes such as paella will condense the umami (savory taste) for a delicious, browned finish.


The inspiration for the name and design of the “DISC” comes from the circular shape of the tools used in music and race cars/motorbikes, such as vinyl records and brake discs. The deliciousness of the ingredients is condensed and the soft passage of heat produces a delicate musical harmony.

The sharp lines and delicate curves that that fit well in the hands is made possible because the product is carved out.


The sides that serve as handles were carefully designed so that the fingers can easily grip and hold the pot. The side view will show a continuous triangular shape. We realized that the secret of the simplicity and neatness, presence and dignity seen in the appearance of Japan’s shines and temples is this triangular shape, and thus used it as the hidden basic structure of our design. For this reason, although simple, this design has a convincing structure that possesses both presence and dignity.

It is possible to open and close the steam holes by turning the lid.

Closing the steam holes is good for condensed cooking such as cooking without water or pressure cooking. Opening the holes is suited for cooking rice or stews. This is an innovative and unique idea that effectively utilizes the DISC (rotating) function.

The Closeness of Ingredients and Lid Increases the Oven-like Function

In addition to creating elaborate grooves by carving out carbon, the detailed parts are finished by craftsmen by hand for a smooth finish.

The design is simple and easy to use, in addition to being easy to care for.

The Large Size is Perfect for Party Dishes

The size will fit a whole fish, making it easy to make gorgeous dishes that will surely impress your guests. The air tight lid and far-infrared effects of carbon will allow heat to pass through well, cooking even whole fishes thoroughly for a tender and fluffy finish. The exquisite soup containing the umami of the fish is not to be forgotten, and we recommend that it to be used for closing dish of pasta.

Recommended Recipes



Acqua pazza

Acqua pazza

Seafood paella

Seafood paella

Diameter: 31 cm

Height: 9 cm

Volume: 2.6 L (when filled)

Weight: 3.4 kg

Material: carbon graphite

Interior: ceramic coating

Exterior: heat-resistant coating


Price: 55,500 Yen (excluding tax)


Greatest Grill Pan in History



As our flagship, won 2 of the world’s three major design awards, the German iF Design Award and red dot design award.


Message from the Designer

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