The ANAORI CARBON POT is made from carving out 99.9% pure carbon (charcoal).

In addition to superior thermal conductivity and far-infrared effects, high sealing and thick structure  are the secrets to delicious cooking. Cooking rice, simmering, cooking without water, grilling and baking can be done with professional results. Food can be served directly from the pot as they are beautiful in design and coloring. The more you use them the more you will grow fond of them.

Carbon as an Innovation,

Mechanism of Deliciousness

Grooves on the Underside of the Lid

Moisture from steam collects on the underside of the lid in the grooves. These droplets contain umami (savory flavor) of the ingredients and fall back onto the food to create a thicker taste.

Direct Flame




Microwave Oven

Compatible with Various Heat Sources

●Direct Gas Flame
●IH Cooking Heater
●Halogen Heater
*Cannot be used in a microwave oven.

The far-infrared emission of carbon is of a different dimension.

Condensing Taste with Superior Far-Infrared Effects

The far-infrared effects of carbon/charcoal are unlike any other existing cookware, and enclose and condense the umami (savory taste) of foods while heating.

High Thermal Conductivity Allows for Fast, Even Heating

Carbon has far-infrared emissivity unlike any other material and waves increase as it is heated. The far-infrared waves resonate with water molecules in food, and condense and seal flavors and nutrients. Thus, the food is delicious even after cooling.

This is a pot made from carving out 99.9% carbon.

Carbon graphite is a type of carbon that is made by applying high pressure to carbon and firing twice at 3000℃, taking approximately 100 days to bring it to 99.9% purity.

Ceramic Coating

The interior is coated with a high-performance ceramic coating. Ceramic prevents burning better than a normal fluorine coating and also has far-infrared effects.

Thick Design

A thick design unseen in existing pots is realized due to the light weight of carbon. The large volume allows for the quick transfer of heat, having and enclosing effect in cooking foods. Almost all good kitchenware have thick designs.

Skilled Craftmanship in 0.01 mm Precision Carving


Each lid and body is carved to a precision of 0.01 mm, making the pot highly sealed and possible to cook without adding water. The steam from the food is convected inside the pot to keep the savory tastes from being lost.

Development Engineer

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