The ANAORI CARBON POT 『OVAL』 is selected for the JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.19

Developed, manufactured and sold by Anaori Carbon Co., Inc. (Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture). Produced comprehensively and designed by Carozzeria Cawai Corp. (Tajima City, Gifu Prefecture), the ANAORI CARBON POT is the world’s first, epoch non-water cookware made of carbon. The OVAL (grilling, stir frying, rice cooking, non-water cooking) was selected for the JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.19.

Following receiving the world’s most prestigious awards, the “German Design Award 2018 WINNER,” “Red Dot Design Award 2017 Winner,” and “iF Design Award 2017,” this award is its fourth prestigious award.

​The Japan Industrial Designers’ Association selects and awards high quality industrial design products that “aim for a beautiful and enriched life,” and displays them in a museum in order to pass them on to the next generation and make a cultural contribution to education, industry and life. 40 products are selected every year through a strict selection process and are stored at the JIDA Design Museum.

Selection Criteria

1. Products suitable for the museum’s plan and management.

2. Products that are the first of its kind and have led the market of its generation.

3. Products that have a development process that can be presented.

4. Products that emerged out of the needs of that generation’s society.

5. Products that offer a new life.

6. Products that offer a new life as a result of new technology.

7. Products that don’t just seem good, but have an explainable backbone.

8. Products that offer a new style.

JJIDA Museum Selection

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