Oven baked results when cooked with IH or gas flame. ANAORI CARBON COCOTTE 『RINGO』on sale!


『RINGO』Newly Released on December 1st!

A magical carbon cocotte for oven baked results when cooked with IH or gas flame.

Carved out of carbon (graphite). The characteristics and functions are the same as the other pots, but the size makes it a smaller, cute pot.

Starting with non-water cooking, it deliciously cooks one serving of rice and is perfect for serving a special dish to the table.

Achieve oven baked results when cooking cake or baked apples using IH/direct flame due to carbon’s high heat conduction/retention, and the pot’s high sealing function. This is the birth of an innovative carbon cocotte that is not only cute, but will make your table gorgeous!

Continuing to introduce uniquely carved, innovative products that will make life richer through the joy of good cooking by pursuing the characteristics and possibilities of new carbon materials, this new ANAORI CARBON KITCHENWARE product, “the magical carbon cocotte,” will make the perfect gift package. Why not consider it for your end of year or new year’s gift?


Price: 25,500 Yen (excluding tax)

Size: 13 cm diameter, 11 cm height

Volume: 550 cc (when filled)

Heat Source: gas flame, IH, others

Material: carbon graphite

Coating: ceramic interior, heat-resistant exterior

Colors: 4 colors (Italian Red, Spanish Orange, British Green, Japan Black)

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