The ANAORI CARBON POT OVAL is the 2018 WINNER of the international design award, GERMAN DESIGN AWARD

Developed, manufactured and sold by Anaori Carbon Co., Inc. (Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture). Produced comprehensively and designed by Carozzeria Cawai Corp. (Tajima City, Gifu Prefecture), the ANAORI CARBON POT is the world’s first, epoch non-water cookware made of carbon. The OVAL (grilling, stir frying, rice cooking, non-water cooking) was named WINNER of the German Design Award 2018 (German design award) in the Excellent Product Design in Kitchen Category, the first time a Japanese kitchenware product has won.

Following receiving the red dot design award 2017 (product design winner), the Anaori Carbon has been crowned in the world’s three major design awards.

The German Design Award A prestigious, international design award hosted by the German Design Council, which was established with the support of the German Federation. Nominees need to have been awarded several international design awards such as the “world’s three major design awards” to be nominated, and only those that receive the recommendation of the German Design Council can become a nominee. Thus, being nominated for the award itself is an honor, and the award is considered to be the “award of awards” due to its strict selection process.

In each category, there is one product awarded GOLD, and WINNER means that the product is in the best 15 (the four stages are GOLD, WINNER, SPECIAL MENTION, NOMINEE). The award won by Anaori Carbon is WINNER, meaning that the ANAORI CARBON POT is considered to be ranked in the top 15 kitchenware products in the world.


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