An Exciting Sukiyaki and Grill Experience! ANAORI CARBON GRILL 『JAZZ』 Newly released on November 1

ANAORI CARBON GRILL 『JAZZ』Newly released on November 15.

Estimated Price 36,500 yen (excluding tax)

This is an innovative, all carbon grill pan each made by being carved out of carbon with master craftsmanship. ANAORI CARBON KITCHENWARE’s concept is to continue to introduce innovative products that will make life richer through the joy of good cooking by pursuing the characteristics and possibilities of new carbon materials.

In addition to grilling meat and vegetables deliciously using carbon’s unique features, this design is perfect for making sukiyaki. The thickness of the bottom is thinner than the JET, making for quick response to heat reduction. This grill is also easy to use for dishes other than sukiyaki.

The singer Kyu Sakamoto was also famous outside Japan for his song “Ue o muite aruko,” which was called “Sukiyaki” abroad. This song is a standard jazz number, influencing the design and naming of this product.

“Achieve authentic taste with the carbon grill.”

In addition to cooking evenly, meats cooked using the carbon grill cook to be more thick and tender.

Why is meat more delicious when it has been cooked on a thick iron plate? The reason is heat uniformity and storage, in addition to far-infrared effects. The heat using thin iron or aluminum plates directly affects foods causing unevenness in cooking.

Carbon has excellent heat conductivity and far-infrared effects. The heat stored in its large body is released uniformly so the temperature does not drop easily when ingredients are added. The outside is grilled firmly and heat passes through uniformly and thoroughly.

In addition, the far-infrared effects give the food a professional finish. The extra moisture in vegetables evaporates quickly and preserves the temperature of the plate, so grilling is done beautifully.

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