A Chic and Cute Kitchen Tool That Can Make a Wonderful Present

The image for the RINGO is the “forbidden fruit,” the apple, which has long been used as a motif for temptation. The shape of the RINGO thus takes after an eaten apple.

Foods cooked with the carbon COCOTTE RINGO are indeed tempting. The apple blossom means “to the most beautiful person,” and “everlasting love,” so the RINGO is designed to be a chic and cute kitchen tool that will be enjoyed as a gift.

RG 001JB

​Japan Black

RG 001BG

​British Green

RG 001SO

​Spanish Orange

 RG 001IR

​Italian Red


The color coating process is hand crafted, so there may be some differences in color.

The CARBON COCOTTE’s Structure and Characteristics


Each lid and body is carved to a precision of 0.01 mm, making the pot highly sealed and possible to cook without adding water. The steam from the food is convected inside the pot to keep the savory tastes from being lost.

Ceramic Coating

The interior is coated with a high-performance ceramic coating. Ceramic prevents burning better than a normal fluorine coating and also has far-infrared effects.

Compatible with Various Heat Sources

●Direct Gas Flame
●IH Cooking Heater
●Halogen Heater
*Cannot be used in a microwave oven.

High Thermal Conductivity Allows for Fast, Even Heating

The steam from the food is convected inside the pot to keep the savory tastes from being lost.

Diameter: 13 cm

Height: 11 cm

Volume: 550 cc (when filled)

Weight: 700 g

Material: carbon graphite

Interior: ceramic coating

Exterior: heat-resistant coating

Heat Source: gas flame, IH, others


Price: 25,500 Yen (excluding tax)

Perfect size for serving directly to the table

and can also be used as a single serving pot.


Multifunctional cocotte that can be used to cook rice and bake sweets.

​Recommended Recipes

Rice Cooked with Mushrooms

Rice Cooked with Mushrooms

Baked Apple

Baked Apple

Whole German Potato

Whole German Potato


Greatest Grill Pan in History



Awarded the 2016 Good Design Award.


Message from the Designer

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