Designer and General Producer

Tatsuya Kawai

Industrial Art Creator

CEO, Carozzeria Cawai Corp.

​Carozzeria Cawai Corp.

Tatsuya Kawai is an Industrial Art Creator who creates innovative and beautiful products which combine industrial products and art through the integration of traditional and state-of-the-art technologies without boundaries. Kawai practices globally in product, graphic, branding and architectural design and has presented numerous works at international trade fairs in Frankfurt, Bologna, Paris and Tokyo. He has received wide acclaim for producing hit products and winning international design awards.

 I am convinced that the possibilities of cooking with the new material, carbon graphite, is a way to create a new and enjoyable future through『food』, which can be regarded as the center of people’s livelihood. Determined to challenge a big theme, I have continued to search for a suitable design.

 With the expensive material cost and the processing method restricted to the “carving out” technique, the most difficult thing was to create a balance between the cookware’s function and usability while maintaining advanced texture and sensual beauty. In the few years since the start of development, we have repeatedly made many designs, samples and experiments, and have come across and overcome many obstacles.

 After much difficulty we accomplished our goal and can finally look back at how we were able to stand at the starting point. I am very honored and proud of the wonderful Anaori Carbon team members and people who cooperated to overcome the difficulties together.


Being a product made of groundbreaking carbon, the design places an importance on powerful simplicity that harmonizes with the kitchen and table. The result was a beautiful product with its retro taste surely to charm those who continue to use it and a futuristic form perfect in representing a new material. We hoped to create a product that would give users an uplifting feeling, such as owning a motorcycle, car or musical instrument, and I believe we have been able to accomplish our goal.


I hope that many people will enjoy the experience of cooking new foods with carbon as if enjoying a treasure hunt.

Award History

German Design Award 2018

The German Design Award was established in 1982 as the official design award of the German Federation by the Ministry of Economy. Nominees need to have been awarded several international design awards such as the “world’s three major design awards” to be nominated, and the judging for the award is extremely difficult. Thus, this award is considered to be the “award of awards.”

WINNER is awarded to the best 15 in each category.

● iF Design Award 2017
One of the most prestigious international design awards established in Germany in 1953, the birthplace of modern design as represented by Bauhaus. This award is called the design industry’s Oscar, and is hosted by the International Forum Design GmbH. 

red dot design award 2017 Winner

Along with the German iF Design Award and the US’s Good Design Award, the red dot design award is the last of the prestigious “world’s three major design awards.” Hosted by the Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen Design Center, it is the world’s largest design award.

●JIDA Design Museum Selection 2017

​The Japan Industrial Designers’ Association’s judges select excellent and innovative products of Japan that should be passed on to future generations according to 8 selection criteria, and 40 products are selected and stored at the JIDA Design Museum every year.

●Good Design Award 2016

● The Wonder 500™ 2016   
 (Top 500 products of Japan, hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) 


● JCD Product of the Year, Chubu Region Gold Medal

● VISIT JAPAN Cool Japan, Silver Medal (hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)


OVAL and VOL. Series

Available in 6 vivid colors.


As our flagship, won 2 of the world’s three major design awards, the German iF Design Award and red dot design award.


Won the 2016 Good Design Award.

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