This is a double handled pot perfect for cooking 2-3 cups of rice. The bottom is flat so it is perfect for cooking rice and simmering, in addition to grilling, stir frying and baking. The design uses an audio volume knob as its motif.

The color coating has a faded finish, and due to the hand crafting manufacturing process, there may be slight differences in color.

VO 001FB

​French Blue

VO 001BG

​British Green

VO 001SC

​Scandinavian Cream

VO 001SO

​Spanish Orange

VO 001IR

​Italian Red



Grooves on the Underside of the Lid

Moisture from steam collects on the underside of the lid in the grooves. These droplets contain umami (savory flavor) of the ingredients and fall back onto the food to create a thicker taste.

Continuous Triangular Shape

The hint for the simple but easy to use shape was taken from a particular national treasure temple. The side view is a continuous triangular shape, realizing a convincing and calming form.


By aligning the recess of the lid to the mark on the body, it is possible to easily adjust the flow of steam according to your recipe.

Diameter: 22 cm

Height: 12 cm

Volume: 2.1 L (when filled)

Weight: 2.0 kg

Material: carbon graphite

Interior: ceramic coating

Exterior: heat-resistant coating


Price: 40,000 Yen (excluding tax)

Special Color Edition

Arrival of Japan Black

Japan Black brings the jet-black color of 99.9% pure carbon to life.

Recommended Recipes

Curry Made Without Adding Water

Curry Made Without Adding Water

Sauerkraut Style Braised Pork and Ca

Sauerkraut Style Braised Pork and Ca

Hamburg Steak

Hamburg Steak


Greatest Grill Pan in History



As our flagship, won 2 of the world’s three major design awards, the German iF Design Award and red dot design award.


Message from the Designer

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