An Exciting Sukiyaki and Grill Experience

In addition to grilling meat and vegetables deliciously using carbon’s unique features, this design is perfect for making sukiyaki. The thickness of the bottom is thinner than the JET, making for quick response to heat reduction. In addition to sukiyaki, it can be used for many other dishes such as paella and bibimbap.

Exquisite Thickness of Bottom

Balances the control and storage of heat.

​JT 001JB

​Japan Black

Design Motif


The singer Kyu Sakamoto was also famous outside Japan for his song “Ue o muite aruko,” which was called “Sukiyaki” abroad. This song is a standard jazz number, influencing the design and naming of this product. The JAZZ was created with this playful and humorous approach. Along with carbon’s excellent grilling capabilities, you will have an exciting sukiyaki and grill experience.

Beautiful Edge = Easy to Use

Although there are no handles, the edge is designed for easy grasping.

Uniquely Created by Carving

In addition to creating elaborate grooves by carving out carbon, the detailed parts are finished by craftsmen by hand for a smooth finish.


There may be slight differences in color or shape due to the handwork process.

​Perfect for grilling or for stewing.

Diameter: 30 cm

Height: 3.5 cm

Weight: 1.4 kg

Material: carbon graphite

Interior: ceramic coating

Exterior: heat-resistant coating

Heat Source: gas flame, IH, others


Price: 36,500 Yen (excluding tax)

Recommended Recipes



Camembert Fondue of Mixed Vegetables

Camembert Fondue of Mixed Vegetables

Bulgogi and Char Grilled Bibimbap

Bulgogi and Char Grilled Bibimbap


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Message from the Designer

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