Development Engineer

Carbon material had been used in our company to make baked sweet potatoes or for barbequing for over 40 years. Although we knew it had outstanding functionality as kitchenware, we started without much knowledge of how to use it for a commercial product.


Retaking a look at the characteristics of carbon, we thought about how we can strengthen the functionality and usability of carbon as kitchenware. Additionally, taking advantage of our carving technology mastered from 50 years of experience, our technicians and craftsmen overcame many obstacles daily, working late into the night to realize the simple, yet beautiful form of Mr. Kawai’s great design plan.


We also did not have experience in color coating and in the early stages of development, we were at a loss because the coating would not stick. However, we were blessed to find the support of specialists in other fields and overcame the obstacles to be able to offer our products in 5 vibrant color variations.

We also received the support of Chef Horio from the start of development in the cooking experiments, who also suggested various cooking methods specifically for the carbon pot. Since we know of deliciousness from a professional viewpoint, we aimed to create uncompromising products. The OVAL, pursuing rice cooking, and the VOL. with an almighty concept are our company’s masterpieces.



We are thankful in being able to offer customers our carbon pots which would not have been possible without the support of many people.

Staff of Anaori Carbon Co., Inc.

Keisuke Sawada

Project Manager

Taichi Nishimura

Development Engineer


Made with the skill of the artisan and latest technology.

​Our Story

The story behind the birth of the world’s first carbon (charcoal) pot capable of cooking without water.


Message from the designer.

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