ANAORI CARBON KITCHENWARE’s concept is to continue to introduce innovative products that will make life richer through the joy of good cooking by pursuing the characteristics and possibilities of new carbon materials. All products in our lineup are introduced here.
The OVAL’s design is modeled after the super ellipse, which is said to have the most beautiful oval shape. Having a simple design but taking advantage of the characteristics of the new material of carbon, it also harmonizes with the kitchen and table as an interior object with its retro finish. The more you use it the more you will grow fond of it. It has been recognized worldwide by being awarded two of the world’s three main design awards, the iF Design Award 2017 and red dot design award 2017.Awarded the World’s Most Prestigious Design Award, the 『German Design Award』



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The VOL. design is modeled after an audio. It’s simple and easy to use design was highly evaluated and won the 2016 Good Design Award.

A magical cocotte that will give you oven baked results even when cooked with IH or gas flame. Achieve oven baked results when cooking cake or baked apples.


The COCOTTE RINGO. Perfect as a gift or for serving guests at the table. Newly released on December 1st.


Greatest Grill Pan in History



Carbon’s unique high far-infrared ray effects and heat conductivity help keep a uniform high temperature, making it possible to have an authentic steakhouse grill. Grilled meats expand and become thicker with an unbelievably authentic steakhouse finish. This product falls in the highest class of grilling equipment.

​An Exciting Sukiyaki and Grill Experience

November 15 new sale



In addition to grilling meat and vegetables deliciously using carbon’s unique features, this design is perfect for making sukiyaki. The thickness of the bottom is thinner than the JET, making for quick response to heat reduction. In addition to sukiyaki, it can be used for many other dishes such as paella and bibimbap.

​Introducing the Designer

Designer Profile

Tatsuya Kawai

Industrial Art Creator

CEO, Carozzeria Cawai Corp.

Tatsuya Kawai is an Industrial Art Creator who creates innovative and beautiful products which combine industrial products and art through the integration of traditional and state-of-the-art technologies without boundaries. Kawai practices globally in product, graphic, branding and architectural design and has presented numerous works at international trade fairs in Frankfurt, Bologna, Paris and Tokyo. Awarded the iF Design Award, red dot design award, Good Design Award, The Wonder 400 and other international design and art awards.


Made with the skill of the artisan and latest technology.


The flagship of ANAORI CARBON POT.


Won the 2016 Good Design Award.

The Story Behind Our Making

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