Award History


The innovative function and design in addition to its universal beauty makes the ANAORI CARBON POT a top-level product in the world. The OVAL won three of the world’s three main design awards,German Design Award 2018 WINNER, the iF Design Award 2017, red dot design award and JIDA Design Museum Selection 2017,and the VOL. was awarded the Good Design Award 2016.


The German Design Award is a prestigious, international design award hosted by the German Design Council, which was established with the support of the German Federation. Nominees need to have been awarded several international design awards such as the “world’s three major design awards” to be nominated, and only those that receive the recommendation of the German Design Council can become a nominee. Thus, being nominated for the award itself is an honor, and the award is considered to be the “award of awards” due to its strict selection process.


In each category, there is one product awarded GOLD, and WINNER means that the product is in the best 15 (the four stages are GOLD, WINNER, SPECIAL MENTION, NOMINEE). The award won by Anaori Carbon is WINNER, meaning that the ANAORI CARBON POT is considered to be ranked in the top 15 kitchenware products in the world.



Awards Ceremony

iF Design Award

One of the most prestigious international design awards established in Germany in 1953, the birthplace of modern design as represented by Bauhaus. This award is called the design industry’s Oscar. Hosted by the International Forum Design GmbH, designs in various fields are first judged for their originality and beauty, then considered for their innovativeness, function, usability, quality, price, consideration of environment and such. In 2017, there were 58 judges and 5,575 applicants from 59 countries.

iF Design Award  http://ifworlddesignguide.com/


Awards Ceremony


The photos are from the awards ceremony held on March 10, 2017 at the BMW Welt (BMW head office showroom museum) in Munich, Germany. Called the Oscar of design awards, recipients from around the globe gathered to take part in the splendid ceremony. Afterwards, there was an after party where the hosts and recipients enjoyed their time together until 3 a.m.


red dot design award

Along with the German iF Design Award and the US’s Good Design Award, the red dot design award is the last of the prestigious “world’s three major design awards.” Hosted by the Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen Design Center, it is the world’s largest design award. The competition is open to designs that have been commercialized within the last 2 years, and outstanding designs are selected based on the 9 criteria including design innovation, functionality, ergonomics, ecology and durability. In 2017, there were 40 judges and over 5,500 applicants from 54 countries.

red dot design award  www.red-dot.org

Award Winning Product






Manufacturer: Anaori Carbon Co., Inc.

​Design: Tatsuya Kawai, Carozzeria Cawai Corp.

Awards Ceremony


The awards ceremony will be held on July 3, 2017 at the Red Dot Gala in Essen, Germany.


Institute of Chinese art DIA Committee sponsors it newly from 2016.
It is a prize for Chinese first international design established by support of the Zhejiang government.

They establish the judge in each country with a recommender in cooperation with world design main pivot group to arrange shoulders in a prize for world authoritative design early, and only a recommended work is targeted for examination.

JIDA (association of Japanese industrial designer) was a cooperation group and OVAL caught the recommendation of JIDA and was nominated.

7721 works more than 50 countries of the world were recommended 2018, and OVAL was chosen to top 100 in the inside.

Award Winning Product

2018 TOP 100

Anaori Carbon POT OVAL

Manufacturer: Anaori Carbon Co., Inc.

Design: Tatsuya Kawai, Carozzeria Cawai Corp.

Awards Ceremony


The awards ceremony was held in the Institute of Chinese Institute of art University Minamiyama school building of Chinese Hangzhou and Chinese art University Museum, and, as for the prize giving and the exhibition, Tatsuya Kawai of CCO, the designer attended at May8 2018.

Grand ceremony was carried out.

While large number of Chinese media gather, he attracted attention and walked the runway and climbed the stage and was commended.



The Good Design Product Selection System (a.k.a. G Mark System) is Japan’s only comprehensive design evaluation and promotion project that was established in 1957 by the former Ministry of International Trade and Industry. The purpose is to not only find beautiful products, but designs that develop industries and enhance the quality of life in various fields related to daily life. It is a design award of international scale with participation from businesses and designers across the globe, and is supported as an activity spreading good designs to society.

JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.19


​The Japan Industrial Designers’ Association selects and awards high quality industrial design products that “aim for a beautiful and enriched life,” and displays them in a museum in order to pass them on to the next generation and make a cultural contribution to education, industry and life. 40 products are selected every year through a strict selection process and are stored at the JIDA Design Museum.

Selection Criteria

1. Products suitable for the museum’s plan and management.

2. Products that are the first of its kind and have led the market of its generation.

3. Products that have a development process that can be presented.

4. Products that emerged out of the needs of that generation’s society.

5. Products that offer a new life.

6. Products that offer a new life as a result of new technology.

7. Products that don’t just seem good, but have an explainable backbone.

8. Products that offer a new style.



General foundation cool Japan meeting sponsors it.

The foreigner of all the countries of the world examines it under the system which Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Japan Tourism Agency support and excavates "the cool Japan" where the world sympathizes with and authorizes it.

They evaluate to many divergences and a general design from "the thing" mainly on the product to "a thing" such as the culture made with a town and recommend the examination object.

Selection reason - Evaluation of the foreign judge

They overcome economic much difficulty and am the good example of the Japanese company which performed innovation.
As a result, it becomes the beautiful product attracting a foreigner and thinks that it is most suitable for an out bound.

Awarding Winning Product

Anaori Carbon POT

Manufacturer: Anaori Carbon Co., Inc.

​Design: Tatsuya Kawai, Carozzeria Cawai Corp.

​Media Coverage

The ANAORI CARBON POT has been introduced in various media sources. The following are a few.

​Product Lineup

​Our world acclaimed carbon product lineup of innovative functions and design.


“What kind of recipes can be cooked using the carbon pot?” There is nothing difficult. We will introduce some professionally supervised recipes.

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