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Q: What types of heat sources can be used with this pot?

A: In addition to IH cooking heaters, direct heat sources such a gas flame can be used. Since carbon passes electricity, there is no need to implant a metal plate to use for IH cooking heaters. The pot is not combined with other materials, which is one of the reasons behind its high heat conductivity.

Q: Why is the carbon pot not effective in the microwave oven?

A: The reason is that the carbon body absorbs the microwaves so the food is not warmed. It is often said that if the interior of the microwave oven is dirty, there is a danger of fire. The reason for this is that if residue becomes carbonized, microwaves are concentrated in the carbonized residue and may light on fire.

Q: Should something be done before the first usage?

A: Wash thoroughly with dishwashing soap and a soft sponge.

Q: Can a metal spatula be used?

A: No. Please use a wood or plastic spatula for cooking in order to prevent the inner ceramic coat from becoming damaged.

Q: The smell of the carbon pot bothers me, but will this go away?

A: If you boil water before your first usage, the smell will become lighter. As you continue to use the pot, the smell will go away. Citric acid is effective for helping to get rid of the smell.

Q: What recipes are suitable for this pot?

A: For the OVAL, recipes such as rice, risotto and soups are good. The design of the bottom allows for the convection of liquids, so it is perfect for cooking rice.

A: For the VOL., recipes that call for simmering or stir frying are good. Stir frying or simmering can be done with the OVAL as well, but the VOL. has a wider bottom and a hole to adjust the steam inside so it is easier to use. Particularly, if you cook meat, it will become soft and tender like cooking in a clay pot, and the meat juices are also not lost. Only a small amount of oil is needed as well.

Q: Is it suitable for tempura or fried foods?

A: Deep frying is not recommended. There is no danger in using the pot, but absorbed oil may oxidize and cause a bad odor. After cooking, try to wash the pot soon and do not leave foods in the pot for long periods of time.

Q: Can it be used for cheese fondue?

A: Yes, there is no problem. For thick ingredients such as cheese, there is generally no problem of being absorbed by the pot. However, please be careful of burning foods.

Q: Can cooking be done without water?

A: Using ingredients that contain a lot of water such as tomatoes is necessary, but it is possible to cook foods with little to no water. When cooking foods that have little water such as potatoes on the bottom of the pot, burning may occur.

Q: What should I be careful of during cooking?

A: The lid becomes very hot so please be careful of burning yourself. Even after turning off the heat, the pot will remain hot for a while so please use oven mittens. If there are any spillovers, adjust the heat.

Q: What care should be done after usage?

A: Wash with dishwashing detergent and a soft sponge. Dry thoroughly before storing. Do not soak in water for a long period of time.

Q: Can the pot be put in the dishwasher?

A: Do not put the pot in the dishwasher as the coating may become damaged.

Q: What should be done if there are burnt residues on the pot?

A: There is a high possibility of damage to the coating, so the only way to fix it would be to recoat the surface.

Q: Can just 1 cup of rice be cooked?

A: The OVAL can be used to cook just 1 cup of rice, but the VOL. is suitable for 2 or more cups.

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