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About Materials

Q:What is carbon graphite, which is used as the material?

A: It is 99.9% pure carbon (charcoal). For example, as the purity goes up, the name of carbon changes from charcoal to carbon. (*Our products are not made from wood)

Q:Carbon products have an image of being light and strong, but do they chip or break?

A: Carbon is naturally strong but brittle. When used for rackets or airplanes, carbon fibers are hardened with resin to make “reinforced plastic,” and is light and strong. Carbon graphite is fired pure carbon, so like pottery, it can chip or break.

Q: Is the surface processed with something?

A:The interior has a ceramic coat and the exterior is coated with a heat resistant coating. These are the same coatings used for frying pans so they are safe to use.

Q:If the surface coating chips and is accidentally ingested, is it safe?

A:There are no harmful effects to the body. The coatings conform to the food sanitation laws of Japan and the US.

Q: If the surface coating chips and the carbon inside sticks to the food, are there effects to the body?

A: No harmful effects to the human body are confirmed. In the past, ingesting burnt food (charcoal) was said to cause cancer, but this is a myth and there are hardly any carcinogens. It is classified similar to coffee.

Q: Carbon is said to have high heat conductivity, but how is it compared to other materials?

A: It has 10 times the heat conductivity of stainless steel, 3 times that of iron, similar to aluminum, and about half of copper. In IH compatible materials, carbon has by far the highest heat conductivity.

Q: Please tell me about far-infrared effects.

A: When exposed to infrared rays, the surface first becomes heated. The inside then becomes heated with the resonance of water molecules. Sunlight has the same effect. Even if the temperature is the same, it feels warmer in the sunlight rather than the shade due to infrared rays. Some common cooking methods using far-infrared effects are charcoal cooking and pizza ovens.

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